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a flat mass of ice (smaller than an ice field) floating at sea


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"What has proved significantly interesting is, in the past, the negative cycles of the NAO in 1963, 1895 and 1881 all saw either solid freezing or heavy ice floes in the Mersey.
Of the three major ice floes (floating ice masses on water) of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Pine Island is the smallest and most likely to melt entirely.
The new pictures confirm that fractures have divided several areas of Europa's icy crust into plates resembling terrestrial ice floes. Moreover, these plates "look as though they have been pulled apart and in some cases rotated into new positions," as if they had floated on water or warm ice when they formed, says Greeley.
At first sight, the sheer scale of these close-ups of ice floes and churning water produced the same seductive feelings of solitude as those evoked by Caspar David Friedrich's Frozen Sea, 1823, but sublimity can take a turn for the worse when technology does the painting.
The pups, usually two to three weeks old, ere killed with a pick or bullet to the brain on the Atlantic ice floes off Quebec and Newfoundland.
1963: Heavy ice floes in the Mersey and below freezing temperatures from December to March 1895: Solid freeze of the Mersey.
FIFTY skaters had to be rescued from ice floes drifting out into the Baltic Sea.
They really look as if they're walking on water when the floating ice floes disappear under the surface of the St Lawrence.
WE are just weeks away from the annual Canadian seal hunt when the white ice floes of Eastern Canada are turned red with the blood of thousands of newborn harp seal pups, clubbed to death for their fur.
Shackleton and his 26 crew members drifted on ice floes and finally travelled 800 miles in a 22 foot boat to safety.
Most of their 200-mile expedition will be made by dinghy but Susie will have to lug a six-stone backpack across the ice floes.
They run the risk of ice floes crushing the hull of their 44-foot yacht, Arctic Fern.
RIGHT now, on the ice floes of Canada, thousands of baby seals are being cruelly clubbed and killed as many as 350,000 this year.