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a refrigerator for cooling liquids


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Then I whistle and they jump right back into this ice chest and I take 'em home."
Corner brackets designed for holding ice chests on the floor of a boat are another great option.
has announced the availability of the 2011 Bar & Beverage Dispensing Equipment catalog, The company reports that the full-color catalog is the largest edition yet at 179 pages, with 12 more pages of equipment added, The catalog includes equipment to outfit the complete bar, from the draft beer system to underbar stainless sinks and ice chests.
A special rail car was fitted with a spring-cushioned bed and ice chests below with a ventilated ceiling.
Pasteurization, hot-fill and ice chests all present unique performance requirements.
The no-caster chests replace the 200-lb ice chests in the mobile kitchen trailer and the company-level field feeding kitchen.
So toss the lawn chairs, grill, charcoal, three ice chests, paper towels, beer, barbecue sauce, and first-aid kit into the trunk, and turn that trip into a real sporting event.
This company has completed a processing cooling system for Igloo Products, makers of coolers and ice chests. Igloo Products relocated its Houston, TX, headquarters and manufacturing facility 20 miles west of Katy, TX, where the company had an existing plant.
Food and beverages will be available, and ice chests and coolers will not be allowed.
If, as I do, you have 12x14-foot wall tents with frames, propane stoves and lanterns, tables, wood stoves, pots, dishes, cots, sleeping bags and pads, folding chairs, a generator, ice chests, and other amenities, you won't be doing a lot of moving.
* Keep ice chests cool by draping them in towels soaked in cold water (backcountry streams are a good source).
Keep ice chests closed and latched, and tubs and buckets emptied of water.
They carried ice chests full of vaccine for as many as five days.
Dorsing spent $125,000 to provide a state--licensed camp with a shower house, flush toilets, laundry facilities, picnic tables, ice chests, and outdoor fire grates for 190 workers.
With the support of an accommodating board of directors, Larson has tacked on gear, including Igloo coolers and ice chests, American Camper sleeping bags and backpacks, Boston Whaler fishing boats, Life Fitness training equipment, Mongoose bicycles, and even time-honored sledmaker Flexible Flyer.