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a refrigerator for cooling liquids


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Then I whistle and they jump right back into this ice chest and I take 'em home.
Now, they have to throw an ice chest in the back seat of the car," Hill said.
Keep ice chests cool by draping them in towels soaked in cold water (backcountry streams are a good source).
Keep ice chests closed and latched, and tubs and buckets emptied of water.
They carried ice chests full of vaccine for as many as five days.
With the support of an accommodating board of directors, Larson has tacked on gear, including Igloo coolers and ice chests, American Camper sleeping bags and backpacks, Boston Whaler fishing boats, Life Fitness training equipment, Mongoose bicycles, and even time-honored sledmaker Flexible Flyer.
Dykes and softball on a summer's day on a local diamond: not a team, not a league, not organized sports--all of which are fine, of course--just friends who have to dig out or borrow the gloves, kids running circles around the bases the wrong way, family, friends, big bowls of fruit and salad, ice chests, sunblock, Ace bandages, and lots of yelling.
Gray, whose store has gained a reputation for its creative displays, chose a great outdoors theme to promote such items as lawn chairs, ice chests, tabletop gas grills and fishing equipment.
Wheeled ice chests are an explosive segment of the ice chest category, vendors note.
But better than that--look at the features that are standard on upper-end models in the G W Invader line--automatic bilge pumps, cassette players, adjustable driver's seats, carpeted ski storage compartments, built-in ice chests, interior lights, stainless-steel hardware, padded seats and integrated swim platforms for easier embarking and disembarking.
the buffet, these are inter alia Shelves for food, snack bar equipment or sell consoles, issue or work installed, cash items, cutting machine, microwave, toaster, ice chests, etc.
The company reports that this catalog is the largest edition published, with 167 pages of equipment, from draft beer systems to underbar stainless sinks and ice chests.
Visitors should be aware that base officials will have a zero-tolerance policy for prohibited items, which include ice chests, weapons and backpacks.
PFs impact resistance and ease of blow molding soon spawned applications such as ice chests, water coolers, housewares, toys, furniture, appliance housings, dairy containers, and snack-food packaging (metalized BOPP film).
According to Micro Matic, the catalog can deliver the "Total Bar Solution" from draft beer systems to underbar stainless sinks and ice chests.