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a refrigerator for cooling liquids


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At night, I mix up my starter and put it, as well as my flour, in the ice chest and plug in the light.
There was the story of old man Has No Cheese up in Montana who was stopped by a game warden leaving a river well known for its fishing with two ice chests of fish.
The device, which keeps unused ice chests slightly open to prevent mold and bacteria smells from forming, had quickly sold out the initial production run.
During the entire cooking time, the food stays safely sealed in plastic bags, which lock in the cooking juices and keep out the water and anything that might be living on the walls of the ice chest.
We first started with an ice chest during cool winter months.
The ice chest is lighter with fewer breakable parts.
Now, they have to throw an ice chest in the back seat of the car," Hill said.
He started with an ice chest, then expanded to such items as trays, chairs, clocks and tables.
I plumbed both units to a stainless steel Coleman ice chest in the potty area.
Why would anyone need or want a motorized ice chest that can carry a case of 24-ounce cans and eight pounds of ice - plus a 250-pound rider - up to 15 miles at a top speed of 13 miles an hour?
IF YOU NOTICE that the team has their own ice chest with beer or waters or shit like that in it, then definitely hover around it with a glazed look in your eyes.
She will store these in an ice chest so she can identify the insects back at home.
Trimble covers the earliest cars and the efforts to lay down track, the development of the new electric streetcars and the building of the municipal railway, the routes of the rails, and special cars devoted to hearse duty, schools, and party cars replete with wicker armchairs and an ice chest for the bubbly.
The towed trailer carries eight water cans, an ice chest, three tables, cargo netting to hold tray-pack boxes, stock pots, a cradle for preparing hot beverages, and an awning to cover the serving area during bad weather.
Hosts can use an Undertone sink like an open ice chest for drinks or chilled foods.