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a refrigerator for cooling liquids


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But now, when I needed them, the word had obviously leaked out about the dead battery and the empty ice chest, and the bunnies had gone into hiding.
You will need a sharp knife, a clean towel or paper towels (to wipe the fish after rinsing), plastic bags and crushed ice in an ice chest.
You can save time by making the sour cream topping at home; store it in a leakproof container in an ice chest.
Whether the couple had sleeping bags, an ice chest, stove and other gear with them before the shootings is not known.
For instance, if the fishing takes place on a large party boat, it may be possible to carry along an ice chest to place the catch in.
One canoe can carry an ice chest and lunch, plus either two or three adults or two adults and one or two small children.
The KoolerAire works best when the entire ice chest is filled with ice and used in a small, enclosed space.
Be exceptionally careful with baby bottles filled with formula and opened jars of baby food, which should be kept in a camper refrigerator or an ice chest. If you have any doubts about their condition, don't use them - it's not worth the risk.
Even during our first six weeks in our home here while we waited for the arrival of the gas refrigerator, we had an ice chest that we replenished with cubes on a daily basis.
An inner tube with an ice chest is a handy thing to tow along in case you want to ice your catch or get a cold beverage.
After seeing how well these materials worked we then tested them on improving the efficiency of our ice chest. We found that when using the sandwich material as an inner liner we could reduce the daily ice consumption by at least half.
A poling platform or even an ice chest to stand on really improves visibility.
A few friends and I decided to fill an ice chest with beers and spend the day skating.
I thought that was a good idea, but didn't want to spend money on two storage containers, so we repurposed a damaged ice chest instead.
The stores and gas stations were shut down but we used our grill and ice chest. We used candles for light.