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an ax used by mountain climbers for cutting footholds in ice


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Snowdon in winter is a very different proposition and you should always carry additional warm clothing together with crampons and ice axe which are essential items as all the routes to the summit are covered in ice and snow currently.
At first, it was hard to trust that the ice axes and crampons would hold me on the ice wall.
This non-technical ice axe provided all the stability and security I needed on the ice and snow surfaces we negotiated.
That's why it's assessed that they're gone," he said and added normally climbers could not move about without crampons and ice axes.
I remember having to kick steps in solid snow with ice axe at the ready as I climbed the final slope to the summit ridge of Bidean nam Bian in Glen Coe.
He turned and looked at his left hand and realized his ice axe was detaching from the wall.
Ice axes used to scale icy Snowdonia peaks can damage rare plants says British Mountaineering Council Cymru The rare Snowdon Lily, found in Cwm Idwal
He added there was no evidence of ice axes or climbing crampons being used.
I'd never done anything like this before, but kitted out with boots, crampons, ice axes and enough thermal gear I tentatively walked up to the easy wall.
When ice axes and crampons are needed, less than half the people I come across either have them or the skills to use them.
Don't touch metallic objects like ice axes, crampons, tent poles, or jewelry.
Howkins, alone, tackled the icy wall with two ice axes and crampons (iron spikes attached to boots).
If I start to slip, the others can anchor themselves with their ice axes.
Fifth Season rents ice axes, crampons, boots, and other equipment, and sells a very useful map and climber's guide ($4 by mail).