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an ax used by mountain climbers for cutting footholds in ice


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His ice axe is a remnant of a once-thriving industry in the northeast and a novelty in David's collection.
I dug in my ice axe and hung on, with my head and shoulders out of the hole.
He tied us to the rope and handed each of us an ice axe.
Foley waved to the assembled crowd from the pinnacle summit, then rappelled to its base, where he was presented with an ice axe signed by Jim Whittaker.
Gee Walker's son Anthony, 18, described as a "blameless young black man", was found with an ice axe in his head after being ambushed by Michael Barton and Paul Taylor in Huyton, Merseyside, in 2005.
HOURS after an official "remember your ice axe and crampons" warning was issued for Snowdon yesterday, two men were rescued without them.
Snow on a slope spells danger and crampons and ice axe and the skills to use them are required.
An ice axe, assumed to belong to Irvine, was discovered in 1933 by the fourth British expedition to the Everest.
The inquest at Caernarfon heard how a young woman also fell through the snow at Banana Gully and was saved by her ice axe.
Michael Barton, 20, and Paul Taylor, 17, were given life sentences for murder after bludgeoning Anthony to death with an ice axe in McGoldrick Park.
Rescuers said the man had not been wearing crampons although he did have an ice axe with him.
Swing your ice axe like throwing a stick, first one then the other.
They were convicted in November of the racially aggravated murder of Anthony, an 18-year-old A-level student, with an ice axe.
A black schoolboy was bludgeoned to death with an ice axe for "no other reason than the colour of his skin", a court heard yesterday.
The jury was told to consider the ropes and knots used to tie up the body, the stones used to weight it down and an ice axe - the possible murder weapon - all linking Park to the crime.