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Fifty-three ibises are currently at the center, which has a capacity of 44 ibises, and 30 chicks are expected to be produced this spring, the embassy said.
Xi Yongmei of the center, who was in Japan to take care of the donated ibises and their baby chick, said that the center hopes to donate a mate for Yu Yu, which is highly likely to be male.
He adds, "The name IBISES stands for Integrated Broadband, Internet, Security and Entertainment Solution.
His strong market connection in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East will certainly add a bright future to Ibises.
The scientific name for crested ibises is Nipponia Nippon but the birds are virtually extinct in Japan.
Crested ibises have been designated an endangered species.
Ibises International is a recent arrival to the public company scene but investors have taken notice.
One reason The New Wall Street has taken notice of Ibises International is the simplicity of this technology to be understood by individual investors.
Thirty-seven ibises have hatched at a crested ibis protection and breeding center in Yang Prefecture in Shaanxi Province, central China, during the spring breeding period this year due to adequate sources of food and water, the Shaanxi Daily reported Friday.
A pair of ibises kept at the Crested Ibis Conservation Center on Sado Island in Japan's Niigata Prefecture, about 250 kilometers north of Tokyo, that produced in May the first ibis chick bred in captivity in that country were raised at the same conservation center in Shaanxi.
Ibises only started trading in the public market three months ago (OTCBB:IBSN) between 20 cents and $1.
Ibises International has launched or shall we say "recently taken off" with a high-speed Internet, television, still in theater movie, shopping, music and airline surveillance product.
Angela Holman, President and CEO of Ibises International, Inc.
Angela Holman, President of Ibises International, Inc.
Ibises will target both domestic and international airline market.