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wild goat of mountain areas of Eurasia and northern Africa having large recurved horns


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According to NASDAQ, IBEX holdings is gunning for a $75 million IPO and provides outsources customer support services.
Speaking on the occasion, Haroon said the hunt of Himalayan Ibex encouraged him to set a world record in hunting at international level.
We estimate 60,000 of these basic hospital X-ray systems are sold every year, so if we sell a licence to allow each of them to adopt our technology then it will transform IBEX into a multimillion-pound business.
As a result, ibex has extended its traditional outsourced contact center capabilities into a unified CLX offering, helping major brands acquire, engage, and retain customers all while using a single streamlined and integrated vendor.
The zoo in a statement said Thursday that while their decision to euthanize the entire herd of Nubian Ibex was "difficult," it was nevertheless the right one for the sake of protecting the other four-legged creatures housed by the facility,(http://beta.
He said the money received from legal hunting of ibex will be spent on development projects in the area.
The hunt was only a few hours old the next morning, and I was already impressed with the number of mature ibex billies we were spotting.
The departments reserved rate was for a Astor Markhor was 65,000 USD, for Ibex 3,100 USD and for Blue Sheep 8,000 USD,Ibex rate for National Rs.
The cost of IBEX will be about the same as an ATV, so it is affordable to farmers, including those in developing countries, with inexpensive operation and readily available spares and consumables.
IBEX uses energetic neutral atom imaging to examine how our heliosphere, the magnetic bubble in which our sun and planets reside, interacts with interstellar space.
For example, Asiatic ibex use rocks and cliffs for rest and protection, grassland areas for foraging, and watering sites for hydration (Fedosenko & Blank 2001).
IBEX, on the other hand, was recently granted a 10-year license to organize the market in Bulgaria.
Over the last century, the Nubian Ibex has become an endangered species in Jordan.