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a woman forced into prostitution for Japanese servicemen during World War II

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Nakayama said, ''It is really good that there are now fewer references (in textbooks) to 'juugun ianfu' (comfort women for soldiers) and 'kyousei renkou' (being taken away for forced labor).'' He later said he was just expressing his personal view.
Because this ill-fitting euphemism was originally coined by the Japanese (from "ianfu" for "comfort"), previous authors have been understandably hesitant to use it without quotation marks.
1992 Jugun ianfu: moto heishitachi no shogen (Army comfort women: Testimonies of former soldiers).
1991 Chosenjin jugun ianfu (Korean army comfort women).
1992 Jugun ianfu, naisen kekkon (The comfort women and Japan-Korea "marriage").
They called them jugun ianfu, comfort women, since most were shipped to military bases along with comfort supplies.
The AWF, they said, did not categorize the Mapaniqui women as jugun ianfu (comfort women), or women confined for an extended period in facilities for sexual slavery.
During this period an estimated 50,000 to 200,000 women were falsely promised education or stable employment by the Japanese military; they were abducted or voluntarily left their homes with no inkling of the horrors that they would face as "comfort women" (ianfu in Japanese).