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a verse line consisting of iambs

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of or consisting of iambs

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In this retelling of Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin (known for a unique form of iambic meter called the Onegin stanza), Beauvais employs near rhyme, alliteration, and concrete verse to reinvent Pushkin's rancorous rake while artfully preserving the tempo and tone of the Russian classic.
Whether deeply serious, humorous, or ironic, the poems always take a distinct form; sometimes this form is free verse, but more often it is some version of traditional meter and end-rhyme, ranging from an entirely slant-rhymed sonnet to rhyming quatrains, unrhymed iambic trimeter poems, and (especially prevalent) poems in iambic dimeter lines, rhymed and unrhymed.
In 2008, however, poet-scholar Sarah Ruden translated the Aeneid into elegant iambic pentameter, becoming the first woman ever to translate the poem.
It follows a fourth series that included an episode written eS ntirely in iambic pentameter and a murder mystery told in reverse chronological order.
Liasides wrote mainly in the Cypriot dialect and this play was written in political verse -- also known as Decapentasyllabic verse -- which is an iambic verse of 15 syllables and has the main metre of traditional popular and folk poetry.
Is that phrase top-heavy and irrelevant Or needed to preserve iambic rhythm?
Note: This poem consists of nine stanzas of iambic tetrameters and
In fact, Horatian iambic continually notes the unmartial status and weakness of the speaker's body.
An iambic pentameter here completes one line and begins another.
iambic syllable count, in and out of schemes, to the last syllable of my
We should also notice here Krolow's skill in his use of subtle rhythmic patterns: a combination of repeating sonic elements like the initial short a sounds in "alone" and "abloom," and the multiple o sounds in "peonies, rhododendron, those yellow" combines masterfully with lines that are loosely iambic.
Perhaps all you need is a nose and a tire./ Some people think doggies are stupid and dumb/ But God shows His doggies 'thy Kingdom come!'" With thanks to the God of Abraham, Sir Grinsalot imparts a powerful lesson (in canine iambic pentameter) to young readers from the words of a dog with true love in her heart.
The Sarabande is a slow and graceful movement marked moderato and lirico in a conventional 3/4 meter with iambic rhythm.
The result is a fun retelling that will appeal to Star Wars buffs and Shakespeare students alike: a fun reimagined tale told in iambic pentameter that takes Luke, Han, R2D2 and more and sets their concerns and personalities to ancient language.
SHAKESPEARE can be confusing at the best of times with cross-dressing characters, olde English and iambic pentameter but the RSC - that is Reduced Shakespeare Company - aim to make everything easier.