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(trademark) a pocket-sized device used to play music files

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''I-Pod is an awesome rider, puts on a show," James said.
When he bent down to pick something up, Malsbury jumped on his back and put the i-Pod lead round his neck again, but he managed to get her off.
White watched the replay of I-Pod doing it last March in an event in Europe and immediately saw what he needed to do.
In the previous entry in the series, the duo suffered near death in a bayou shootout, and we now find Dave in a New Orleans recovery facility in a morphine-induced haze where he receives a midnight visit from Tee Jolie Mellon, a creole barroom singer who leaves him an i-pod filled with music, including three songs she sings and which apparently only he can hear.
Users of i-pod touch, smartphones and tablets will be able to access free roaming after downloading the i-mobb app, which is available at http://www.i-mobb.com.
Some of the items taken include cash, an I-Pod, laptops, an x-Box and games.
Presents belonging to Ryan and six-year-old sister Caitlin, including a laptop, PlayStation 3, a Wii and an i-Pod, were taken.
Personal mobile device use in this group increased, with more than 80% having a smart phone, and also at least one other personal mobile device (i-Pod, Laptop, i-Pad).
RUMOUR has it that the top ten tracks on the i-pod of Ashley Young this week are: 10 Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood 9 - Falling Into You - Celine Dion 8 Holy Diver - Dio 7 You Trip Me Up - Jesus and Mary Chain 6 Diver Down - Van Halen 5 Free Fallin' - Tom Petty 4 Tripping - Robbie Williams 3 Keep On Rolling Down The Line - (Penalty) Boxcar Willie 2 Sure to Fall - Carl Perkins 1 Can't Stand Up For Falling Down - Elvis Costello and the Attractions
It is loaded with comforts such as USB and i-Pod connection, audio controls on the steering wheel for new generation music aficionados, precision steering even on a base sedan for the driving enthusiast, European safety standards for the family driver, great fuel savings and low service costs for the high mileage driver."
Carrying a bag of albums round to your mate's gave you a sense of pride an i-pod could never match, while an offer to download on your friends would have probably led to a fight.
Zoe, aged seven, managed to walk half a mile to and from school every day during the week and was awarded a certificate and an I-pod shuffle.
The festival, which has become one of the most awaited sales event in the UAE, witnessed a strong demand in consumer products categories like Blu-ray players, home theatre systems, I-pod docking stations, and Samsung LED & LCD TVs experienced the highest level of demand across all 'harman house' outlets.
Miami, FL, January 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Licensing Direct[TM], a Miami, Florida-based leader in the intellectual property licensing field since 1997, is pleased to announce the official launch of its own application for i-Phone and i-Pod Touch digital mobile device users.