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The early development of some hystricomorph rodents with particular references of Chinchilla laniger.
The function of the accessory corpora lutea in the hystricomorph rodents.
The synthesis of progesterone in some hystricomorph rodents.
Another hystricomorph rodent: keeping casiragua (Proechimys guairae) in captivity.
Reproductive characteristics of hystricomorph rodents.
When compared to other rodent suborders, the hystricomorphs such as the agouti show a long period of gestation (Weir, 1974).
This secretion pattern is similar to that proposed by Tam (1974) for hystricomorphs.
Some studies describe that the uterus can be double or partially double in some species of hystricomorphs rodents (Weir, 1971; Reis et al., 2011).
Progesterone-binding proteins in plasma of guinea pigs and other hystricomorph rodents.
Little information is available regarding changes in progesterone and estradiol levels during estrous cycle in agouti, compared to that in other hystricomorphs rodents (Adjanohoun 1992, Barta & Jakubicka 1991, Croix & Franchimont 1975, Faulkes et al.
Problems in interpreting the frequent lack of competence for methanogens among rodents and hystricomorphs might be resolved if additional DNA-sequence information becomes available.