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Here again dystocia was relieved by hysterotomy as mother was suffering from ring womb condition.
At that time, however, salines were far safer and cheaper than the alternative, hysterotomy, essentially abortion by full cesarean operation.
Women were eligible if they were 15-24 weeks pregnant and the fetus had a malformation or chromosomal abnormality;, those with an allergy to prostaglandins, a history of cesarean delivery or hysterotomy, active bleeding, asthma, a deficiency of ammotic fluid or ruptured membranes were excluded.
Thymuses were collected from consenting mothers undergoing hysterotomy and ligation.
The term hysterotomy is used when the intent is to deliver a dead baby.
Hysterectomy and hysterotomy were included in the "other" procedure category and were used in <0.
Two noted physicians then told her that a hysterotomy held out her only hope for health.
Other abortion procedures available during the sixteenth through twenty-fourth week of pregnancy are the rarely used hysterotomy and hysterectomy.
report in "Cerebral Oxidation of Glucose and DBOH Butyrate by Isolate Perfused Human Head," that they used a protocol that involved eight human heads obtained by abdominal hysterotomy at 12-17 weeks gestation, that were perfused through their internal carotid arteries.
6 per 100,000 procedures), and highest for those performed by hysterotomy and hysterectomy (61.
Instillation methods and hysterotomy are rarely chosen in most developed countries, except for the small number of abortions performed very late in pregnancy.
A hysterotomy would be less traumatic to the fetus but carries a higher mortality rate for the mother and complicates her attempts to get pregnant again.
It can therefore be concluded that the only suitable methods of abortion would be hysterotomy and removal of an intact fetus, or a vaginal delivery of an infant not killed in utero by saline beforehand.
More problematic would be changes such as substitution of prostaglandin-induced labor and delivery or hysterotomy for less risky methods, or postponement of abortion to late in the first trimester or to the second trimester.