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The B-Lynch suture was described with an open hysterotomy incision, (3) which avoids closing off the lower uterine segment.
She was later diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer after being booked into Heartlands Hospital for a hysterotomy.
The pregnant female rats were anesthetized on the specific day of gestation using 50 mg/mL ketamine (175 mg/kg; Ketamina [R], Pfizer do Brasil Ltda., Brazil) in conjunction with 10 mg/mL xylazine (2.5 mg/kg; Rompum [R], Bayer do Brasil Ltda., Brazil), and the fetuses were collected through a median maternal laparotomy and hysterotomy.
Fetuses were removed by hysterotomy, placed on ice, and decapitated.
Prior to the 1970s, uterine evacuation in the second trimester was accomplished via labor induction methods, such as prostaglandin or saline instillation, or by hysterotomy, and resulted in an intact fetus.
The dead fetus was delivered through hysterotomy (fig 2).
Open fetal surgery begins with a hysterotomy, or uterine incision, performed under general anesthesia.
During the surgery, the bladder was very adherent to the uterus and was close to the hysterotomy. At the end of the procedure, macroscopic hematuria was documented and resolved spontaneously.
(39) After the Court's medical description of intact D&E, a short one-paragraph summary notes the less-commonly used techniques of induction, hysterotomy, and hysterectomy.
hysterotomy. (178) A final procedure, induction, is used in fifteen
A history of cesarean delivery, even via low transverse hysterotomy, also was identified as a potential risk factor.
* At that time, however, salines were far safer and cheaper than the alternative, hysterotomy, essentially abortion by full cesarean operation.
Women were eligible if they were 15-24 weeks pregnant and the fetus had a malformation or chromosomal abnormality;, those with an allergy to prostaglandins, a history of cesarean delivery or hysterotomy, active bleeding, asthma, a deficiency of ammotic fluid or ruptured membranes were excluded.