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an attack of hysteria

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"They won't let me...I can't be...good!" I managed to articulate; then I went to the sofa, fell on it face downwards, and sobbed on it for a quarter of an hour in genuine hysterics. She came close to me, put her arms round me and stayed motionless in that position.
I attribute my being still able to hold the curtain in the right position for looking and listening, entirely to suppressed hysterics. In suppressed hysterics, it is admitted, even by the doctors, that one must hold something.
His fit of anger bordered upon hysterics. Presently he grew calmer but more maudlin.
I saw a Russian correspondent, a strong brutal-looking man, go off into hysterics; I saw another run amuck through the camp, shooting right and left, and, finally, blow his own brains out.
She could love, and hate, maybe have hysterics; and she could certainly be jealous, as she was jealous now, uttering her last sobs in his arms.
You're in the plot--you made him marry, thinking that I'd leave my money from him-- you did, Martha," the poor old lady screamed in hysteric sentences.
The spinster aunt uttered a piercing scream, burst into an hysteric laugh, and fell backwards in the arms of her nieces.
Is he wounded?--Is he dead?--Is he-- Ha, ha, ha!' Here the spinster aunt burst into fit number two, of hysteric laughter interspersed with screams.
Here Lunbeck analyzes psychiatrists' and social workers' encounters with "hypersexual" women, female hysterics, "psychopathic" men, and lesbian women.
Feminists and gay activists warned long ago that a distinctly totalitarian movement was advancing on sexual and cultural terrain, and we were sometimes dismissed as hysterics who deserved the blame for reaction.
Tunis also wrote some sharp analyses of the sports world, particularly $port$: Heroics and Hysterics (1928), Sport for the Fun of It (1940), and Democracy and Sport (1941).
KYLIE Jenner left fans in hysterics as she hit back after an egg became more popular than her online.
Camilla Tomney, a royal correspondent, said that Prince Charles and Parker Bowles were both in hysterics after they read some of the things Bower wrote about them.
No hysterics, or poor me, or bleating about those nasty production people on social media.