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Synonyms for personality

Synonyms for personality

the combination of emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities that distinguishes an individual

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Both DSM-111 and DSM-1V have avoided the term hysterical personality and use histrionic personality disorder".
The presence of a personality disorder at symptom onset serves as a significant risk factor for poor outcome (Lempert & Schmidt, 1990: Ljungberg, 1957; Mace & Trimble, 1996; Slater & Glithero, 1965): Hysterical personality was found to be the only significant predictor for poor outcome (Chandrasekaran et al.
They then turn to a variety of personality disorders and their treatments, including the schizoid personality and impaired bonding, the hysteroid-borderline personality and separation/individualization, the narcissistic personality and the formation of an authentic self, the masochistic personality and secure attachment, the obsessive-compulsive and improvement of impaired autonomy, and the multiple approaches necessary for the hysterical personality.
Fiona Neale, for the defence, told the GMC that Patient A had a psychiatric history as a young woman, including a diagnosis of hysterical personality disorder.
But the court admonished Father Brown after hearing how Maria had a hysterical personality and had accused one of her babysitters and a hospital doctor of child abuse.