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Synonyms for hysteric

a person suffering from hysteria

characterized by or arising from psychoneurotic hysteria

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Freud gave his star hysteric the name of his sister's maidservant, Dora (O'Neill 80).
50, followed by the comment that she "was repeatedly held up as the ideal specimen of hysteria"; and, elsewhere, that hypnotism "create[d] an artificial world in which hysterical symptoms could be reproduced and transformed, a world in which the hysteric could be completely mastered" (62), then, several lines later, that it "create[d] an 'artificial' hysteric in whom doctors could reproduce symptoms at will [.
On her arrival, Bourneville wrote, "Everything about her announces the hysteric," yet his characterization is puzzling: he describes "the care she takes in her toilette; the styling of her hair, the ribbons she likes to adorn herself with.
This paper re-examines Dora from a contemporary feminist perspective and challenges the notion that the female hysteric offers subversive potential.
For Irigaray, hysteria is a "symptomatic acting out of a proposition the hysteric cannot articulate.
Dianthe's representation as an hysteric suggests that repressed sexual trauma lies in her past.
This new male hysteric was a stalwart working-class man who suffered hysterical symptoms as the result of traumatic impact with the mechanical or industrial world.
Juliet Mitchell notes that Freud's problem was to assume that had Dora not been a hysteric, she would have accepted the advances of her suitor, Herr K.
Apparently, in the 21 century, Europe has productive ground for a hysteric demonstration of hatred, force and negation of human values because Macedonia strongly feels the scent of these human evils that forcefully hit us from the outside, but also from the inside, says Gusterov.
Apparently gone forever are his days of monumental Detroit hysteric chopped model A Fords, '59 Cadillacs and the like.
Of course, Freud saw hysterics," however efficacious for the hysteric, would render oral cultures mute, because they have only the body to record and transmit history.
At the heart of this book there is an interesting examination of some of the actions of Ernest Richmond, an architect and sometime partner of Herbert Baker, but also an anti-Semitic hysteric and Bellocite Catholic convert, who used his position within the British Mandatory government of pre-Israel Palestine to cause trouble between the Arab and Jewish populations of Jerusalem.
Limbaugh is also a male hysteric, his voice moving down and up from somber bass to giddy, disbelieving laugh as he expresses outrage not permitted Peter Jennings.
Indeed, what we demanded from hysteria opposes its slipperiness and opacity; the hysteric, writes Georges Didi-Huberman "defies the spectator's desires" and simultaneously "consecrates and defies his mastery" (167).
At the same time, depicting himself in several of his films in the act of embroidery as well as "embroidering" the complicated system of quotations and allusions that creates the works' ambience, maybe in some nebulous fashion he positions himself as a hysteric, too--or at least as a diligent multitasker.