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Synonyms for hysteria

Synonyms for hysteria

excessive or uncontrollable fear

neurotic disorder characterized by violent emotional outbreaks and disturbances of sensory and motor functions

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That achievement can be reversed in the Philippines by public hysteria over all types of vaccines, arising from the controversy over the anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia.
He said the targeting of innocent Kashmiris at LOC is Condemnable at every level and there is no doubt that India's war hysteria is a threat to peace in the region, by using cluster bomb India has been exposed in front of whole world.
BJP's attempt to win elections through whipping up war hysteria and false claims of downing a Pak F 16 has backfired,' he said in a tweet.
"I'm still apprehensive before the elections, I feel that something could happen," he said.He described India as gripped with "war hysteria" following the most serious conflict between the neighbours in decades.
LAHORE -- Terming Indian premier Narendra Modi's war hysteria an attack on peace, Governor Chaudhry Sarwar says Prime Minister Imran Khan has laid down the foundation of peace by announcing release of the Indian pilot.
Bilawal Bhutto while condemning the Indian war hysteria and aircrafts intrusion across the LoC said that Indian rulers have become threat for the peace of the region.
Therefore, it is not the war but the hysteria of war that allows the ruling elite to activate its domestic power politics.
WHEN Def Leppard's chart-topping album, Hysteria, was released 31 years ago, Saturday nights usually found me headbanging in a bar in Liverpool city centre wearing skin-tight black spandex trousers and an AC/DC T-shirt.
The hysteria whipped up over the deaths of some children allegedly as a result of having received Dengvaxia, as the new vaccine was called, seems to have induced fear and loathing, not just against the antidengue vaccine but all other vaccines.
HAVING been celebrating their most successful album Hysteria, over the last few years, this was Cardiff's chance to hear the album in its entirety, from start to finish.
Campbell stops short of suggesting his Whitesnake band mates -- and just about every other hair metal hero from the late 80s -- were consumed by jealousy when hearing Hysteria for the first time.
According to the author, tragedies cause increased hormonal activities as a reaction to the verbal and mental hysteria, a hysteria caused by addiction to tragedies.