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the lagging of an effect behind its cause

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In most cases, the actual behaviors of structures are not linear; these structures can present nonlinear behaviors in general and nonsmooth or hysteresis ones in particular (e.g., hysteresis behavior of magnetorheological fluid dampers and shape-memory alloys) [17].
Recently, corneal hysteresis (CH) has generated increased interest as a risk factor with a lower value being associated with greater risk.
Hysteresis current controller determines the switching signals to the inverter.
For example, P/N EDR83050/3 or DT1L60D5/10-5 (SPST-NO) rated at 60 VDC and 5 A with the hysteresis set at 10 V (on) and 5 V (off) encapsulated in a SIP4 package 0.61" H x 1.485" L x 0.29" W.
[K.sub.H]: initial spring constant of hysteresis component
Two inverse parallel sensitive gate SCRs (S4X8ES1) with their gates tied together produce a very low voltage triggering device with full breakback voltage, producing very low hysteresis. That allows the potentiometer to be set for a low conduction angle with turn-on being immediate when the line switch is turned off and on.
To describe the hysteresis property of ferromagnetic materials, many models have been proposed by physicists and material scientists in the past [1-3], among which the Preisach model [4] and the Jiles-Atherton (J-A) model [5,6] are very well known and commonly used.
Mechanical hysteresis loops were conducted in order to understand the visco-elastic properties of the tested materials.
The formulas (29) and (31) are substituted into formula (25) to obtain the hysteresis automatic configuration formula based on the terminal speed of Inter-Small cell handover:
The experimental results and analyses include the following aspects: displacement, hysteresis, creep properties, and displacement changes of piezoceramics after ageing.
The mechanical properties and hysteresis evolution of sandstone under uniaxial compression was studied by Xu et al.
The objectives of this work were as follows: (a) to evaluate operational characteristics of PRVs based on requirements stated by ISO 10522 (1993) and (b) to model the regulated pressure as a function of inlet pressure and flow rate through the valve considering hysteresis. We carried out tests to evaluate regulation uniformity, regulation curve, and the regulated pressure as function of flow rate and inlet pressure.
However, they are not as linear and temperature independent as load cells, exhibit large amounts of hysteresis, when dynamic forces are exerted on them, and also drift, when the application is about static forces [5].
In ferroelectrics the dielectric losses are associated with the hysteresis in the spontaneous polarization switching in alternating electric fields (dielectric hysteresis loop), i.e.