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the lagging of an effect behind its cause

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The hysteresis curve was expected to shift up and to the right.
They are related with the motion of domain walls including dielectric, elastic and electromechanical hysteresis losses [13].
In this algorithm, it is assumed that the amount of heat that has been formed corresponds to the area of the hysteresis loops at each point of the design.
In particular, it features a hysteretic characteristic, with the hysteresis width largely insensitive to supply voltage variation (within the range 4.
Recently, corneal hysteresis (CH) has generated increased interest as a risk factor with a lower value being associated with greater risk.
Hysteresis current controller determines the switching signals to the inverter.
For example, P/N EDR83050/3 or DT1L60D5/10-5 (SPST-NO) rated at 60 VDC and 5 A with the hysteresis set at 10 V (on) and 5 V (off) encapsulated in a SIP4 package 0.
H]: initial spring constant of hysteresis component
In recent years, many experts established the mathematical models of hysteresis materials including frequency, pressure, temperature, and other sensitive factors based on the J-A model that had developed a relatively mature modeling theory [10-13].
This also allows achieving a low hysteresis control because two SCRs form a full breakback trigger.
1-7) A superhydrophobic surface possesses characteristics with high contact angle and small contact angle hysteresis of water droplets deposited on it.
He is known for his work on magnetism and hysteresis, but James Alfred Ewing, who was born 160 years ago last month, was involved in an impressive array of other engineering fields, writes IMechE assistant archivist Sarah Broadhurst
A pressing question is whether hysteresis effects are reversible.
Hysteresis is about being changed and not being able to reverse the change.
Experimentally, Wondsamnern [14] characterized ferroelectric hysteresis loops of PZT ceramics, observing the influence of external stress and temperature in an inverse relation of these variables with the hysteresis area.