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the lagging of an effect behind its cause

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The hystereses start at different temperatures in both amorphous glassy TPUs: 220[degrees]C for Isoplast ETPU 301 (Fig.
In this respect, our results clearly show that molecular weight variation by itself cannot be responsible for the rheological behavior in temperature sweeps particularly the hystereses at low temperatures, as the decrease in average molecular weight and narrowing of molecular weight distribution observed for amorphous glassy TPUs cannot lead, by themselves, to an increase in dynamic moduli.
The hystereses at high temperatures during the first heating are observed for both grades of Estane TPUs (see Fig.
In the elastomeric TPUs, the hystereses at low temperatures are also observed in the loss tangent (Fig.
V Kokotovic, "Adaptive control of plants with unknown hystereses," IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.