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measurement of the elevation of land above sea level

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Hypsometry (or area-altitude analysis) describes the distribution of the horizontal cross-sectional area of a landmass with respect to different elevations and can be calculated using the HI (Strahler, 1952).
Development of a model for the estimation of surface volume applying GIS, hypsometry and differential equations in a case of study
Effect of drainage area on hypsometry from an analysis of small-scale drainage basins in the Siwalik Hills (Central Nepal).
The Use of Hypsometry to Indicate Long-Term Stability and Response of Valley Glaciers to Changes in Mass Transfer", Journal of Glaciology Vol.
Considering area change basin by basin, the largest percentage reductions in glacier area occurred in basins with a hypsometry such that a 100 m rise in the equilibrium line altitude would have resulted in a large change in the accumulation area ratio (proportion of the basin lying in the accumulation area).