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an altimeter that uses the boiling point of water to determine land elevation

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O1 inclinometer,01 total station,01 hypsometer,telescopic poles 02,02 premium portaprima etc.
Even a high-technology tool commonly used to measure tree height, a hypsometer, was foiled by the Wonder Plot's dense vegetation.
The most reliable tools for this purpose are an Abney hand level, a hypsometer, or a transit.
The other products are the LaserAce(R) 300, ForestAce(R), LaserAce(R) Hypsometer, LaserAce(R) Survey, LaserAce(R) GIS Pole, LaserAce(R) Burden Finder, BurdenAce(R), and the LaserAce(R) Encoder.
We measured foraging height, nest height, and tree height using a Nikon Forestry 550 Hypsometer (Melville, NY, USA).