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an altimeter that uses the boiling point of water to determine land elevation

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Even a high-technology tool commonly used to measure tree height, a hypsometer, was foiled by the Wonder Plot's dense vegetation.
Estos arboles fueron medidos en pie con un hipsometro Laser (Laser ACE hypsometer, MDL, UK), la precision del hipsometro laser para la medicion de alturas es de [+ o -] 10 cm.
The most reliable tools for this purpose are an Abney hand level, a hypsometer, or a transit.
As an example, the following episode occurred during a lesson about the hypsometer, a topic many of the students in the mathematics class found boring and difficult.
3 m above ground of stem diameter by using phi band, while measurements of tree height was done using haga hypsometer.
Contract awarded for season total 01 01 hypsometer 04 brujulas 01 inclinometer 02 prism prism holder 02 telescopic poles.
The first method required establishing a center point of each pool and measuring to the pool's perimeter at cardinal and sub-cardinal directions using a Suunto Kb-14 Compass (Vantaa, Finland) and Haglof Vertex III Hypsometer (Laangsele, Sweden).
The most reliable tools far this purpose are no Abney hand level, a hypsometer, or a transit.
The data in this research were clear bole height which were measured using haga hypsometer and diameter, breast height (DBH) which were measured using phi-band, radius of crown which was assumed as a circle and crown radii were measured using four axes at right angles [4].