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the kind and number and arrangement of teeth (collectively) in a person or animal

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Hypsodont teeth of extant and extinct horses are an adaptation to eating coarse, gritty plants, such as grasses (Scott, 2006).
Kurten & Anderson (1980) stated that "the hypsodont teeth were adapted to chew coarse vegetation, and the dentition suggests browsing habits.
The most familiar character representing a grazing diet is the presence of high-crowned, or hypsodont teeth.
A comprehensive revision was made by Hussain (1971), and noted that a single migration of a Hipparion primitive species, Hipparion nagriensis during Lower Nagri time led to the lCal diversity of two Hipparion taxa in the Middle Siwalik horizons: Hipparion antelopinum, a small form with slender elongate third metapodials and more hypsodont teeth, and Hipparion theobaldi, a large form with more massive third metapodials and more hypsodont teeth than Hipparion nagriensis.
According to Colbert (1935) Brachypotherium perimense is a rhinoceros of gigantic size with hypsodont teeth.