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oxygen deficiency causing a very strong drive to correct the deficiency

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The Air Force had issued a number of precautionary measures to be followed by pilots in order to avoid dizziness or other hypoxia symptoms when they were up in the air.
We hypothesized that during hypoxia, an increase in the HIF-1[alpha] and VEGF protein expression would lead to an increase in bladder cancer cell permeability, and that HIF-1[alpha] is an important factor in the increase of bladder cancer cell permeability.
KEY WORDS: Hepatocellular Carcinoma; Autophagy; Hypoxia
sup][6],[7] Hypoxia activates signaling through hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1a, which is a transcriptional complex with a crucial role in oxygen-regulated gene expression and it is upregulated by growth factors, cytokines, oncogenes, and hormones under hypoxic conditions.
Key Words: Cutaneous Blood Flow, Hemodynamics, High-Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIE), Normobaric Hypoxia
In the present work, elite athletes of both low altitude-training (lowHH) and low-altitude and simulated altitude (lowHH+NHNight) groups were not blinded and were expectedly well-versed with the benefits of hypoxia training.
Based on target prediction programs and published papers, miR-424-5p was highly linked to pathways of hypoxia and the cell cycle.
Indeed, both hypoxia and ROS may underlie the pathophysiology of many diseases such as atherosclerosis and Alzheimers.
It is this lower pressure/lower oxygen density that is the root cause of hypoxia, or lack of oxygen.
Most solid tumors exhibit inflammatory properties characterized by increased levels of prostaglandins, which are promoted by hypoxia, a state of reduced overall tissue oxygen availability and a hallmark of solid tumor that also leads to cell invasion and metastasis (Stasinopoulos et al.
While many studies have characterized the effects of hypoxia and TGF-[beta] separately in the tumor microenvironment, the effects of concurrent treatment with hypoxia and TGF-[beta] on tumor malignancy are unclear.
Inflammatory hypoxia is increasingly recognized as a critical determinant for the immune response.
Geological Survey, Sea Grant, and partners recently found that dead zones caused by hypoxia (the depletion of oxygen in water) are unexpectedly variable in Lake Erie, sometimes disappearing and reemerging elsewhere in a matter of hours* They also found that fish like yellow perch cluster at the edges of these areas.
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