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(of muscular tissue) the state of being hypotonic

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Infants with classic Menkes Disease typically remain healthy until 2 to 3 months of age and then recognition of seizures and hypotonia and failure to thrive begin and they usually die by the age of 3 years.
1] JS is rare autosomal recessive inherited disorder suspected by hypotonia, ataxia, developmental delay, intellectual disability with distinctive mid-hindbrain malformation (molar tooth sign), ocular abnormalities (e.
Mercuri reported generalized hypotonia, severe limb muscle wasting and weakness in a patient with limb girdle muscle dystrophy (1B) at the age of 7 years.
After AGV implantation, IOP values were from 18 mm Hg to 23 mm Hg (except for 1 eye with postoperative hypotonia due to suprachoroid hemorrhage, where the postoperative IOP value was 4 mm Hg).
Deep tendon reflexes are markedly diminished with hypotonia.
Her hypotonia raises a concern for encephalopathy, and she is whisked off to the neonatal intensive care unit for 72 hours of therapeutic hypothermia.
15) The first phase occurs during the neonatal and lactation periods and is characterized by marked hypotonia, difficulties with suction, persistent cough, crying and episodes of asphyxia.
He was also diagnosed with hypertonia, which affects muscle tension, and hypotonia - commonly known as floppy baby syndrome.
1) Gene discovering by whole exome sequencing (WES): unbiased WES screening will be applied to a large cohort of paediatric patients presenting early onset hypotonia, developmental delay, failure to thrive, severe encephalomyopathy and/or liver failure associated with combined MRC defects.
The child was referred to a pediatric care unit because of psychomotor retardation and axial hypotonia.
Her neurological exam was significant for moderate hypotonia, but was otherwise benign.
Children with generalized hypotonia or "Floppy Baby" is a constellation of conditions associated with impaired development of motor skills and signs of generalized hypotonia, intense weakness, and rag-doll features1-3.
Also diagnosed with hypotonia, also known as "floppy baby syndrome", Cole, now a pupil at Kilton Thorpe Special School, went on to prove everyone wrong by learning to walk when no-one thought he would.
73 m [sup]2 ) re-presented to Emergency Department with altered mentality and generalized muscular hypotonia 2 days after falling with a head injury.
12] deficiency in infants often produces haematological and neurological deficits including macrocyticanaemia, neurodevelopmental delay or regression, irritability, weakness, hypotonia, ataxia, apathy, tremor andseizures.