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Synonyms for hypothetic

existing only in concept and not in reality

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for hypothetic

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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In this work, the ambient vibration testing of the Nossa Senhora das Dores Church, an important heritage construction for Sobral community, was carried out as way of to collect information for updating a numerical model allowing it employment in furthers hypothetic scenarios, as well to assess the degradation of the church along the time.
On the contrary, the CFD RANS calculation represents the behavior of an ensemble average done on a hypothetic infinite number of the same experiment.
bacilliformis (gray circles in panel B), top hit non-bacilliformis Bartonella (+ in panel B) and not determined hypothetic proteins (A in panel B).
Since minimum limit of quantification (MLQ) is of 1.56 of sulfathiazole, it is possible to qualify the residue recovery by MRL (10 [micro]g[L.sup.-1]) hypothetic extrapolation accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture (Brasil, 2013).
Another limitation of this study is the small sample size, calculated on the primary outcome of the trial (i.e., modification in endothelial function) rather than on the (hypothetic) effect of paricalcitol on AGE-RAGE.
First we use hypothetic values of parameters s = 1, k = 0.5, m = 0.2, h = 0.1, [omega] = 0.7, a = 1, b = 0.5, c = 0.05, and [DELTA]t = 0.1.
This reduction/stimulation in seed germination, where the hypothetic origins can accelerate cell division rates [15], might have been due to the effect of mutagens on meristematic tissues of the seed [6].
The replacement of the original cylindrical mirror (the curved semiconductor facet) by the combination of the cleaved plane facet with the dry-etched film-waveguide lens is done for technological reasons: for the hypothetic case with a curved (nonoblique) mirror the curvature would have to be so small (the radius of curvature R so large) that the distance along the optical axis between the mirror edges and the center of the mirror would be around 225 nm only, which is not suitable for standard photolithography.
The hypothetic structure with space group [D.sub.2h.sup.15] with unit cell comprising two layers was achieved by the authors of [12], introducing the interlayer inversion operation with preserving the elements of layer symmetry.
The final index of the hypothetic portfolio was then calculated from the average of the returns weighted by the size of the individual measure by equity value.
On the basis of this research lies the hypothetic postulate that the intensity vectors x resp.
To illustrate advances in tree calibration, age estimates of these corresponding nodes were used to calibrate a hypothetic community phylogeny that contains two species from each monophyletic family from R20120829.new.
As the interest rate is also present in the valuation of forwards and futures, and commodities index funds are compounds of those assets, commodity prices might be more sensitive to changes in the interest rate compared with a hypothetic situation when prices are not affected by financial variables and are therefore only determined by excesses of demand or supply (high or low levels of inventories).
It is a fair hypothetic inference that the suspected man was actually the author.