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Synonyms for hypothesis

Synonyms for hypothesis

a belief used as the basis for action


Synonyms for hypothesis

a proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations

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a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

References in classic literature ?
It was essential to my hypothesis that this amiable man should have lost his wife, should have been poor and unsuccessful and should have had a second daughter, of a disposition quite different from Juliana's.
Let us take that as a working hypothesis and see what it leads us to.
Now, too, the policeman begins to push at doors; to try fastenings; to be suspicious of bundles; and to administer his beat, on the hypothesis that every one is either robbing or being robbed.
The fact that it was retreating from the scene of battle lent colour to this hypothesis.
During these experiments Woola had been standing at my side gazing intently at the door, and as my glance fell upon him it occurred to me to test the correctness of my hypothesis, that this portal had been the means of ingress to the temple used by Thurid, the black dator, and Matai Shang, Father of Therns.
Every one, it is true, may frame an hypothesis as he pleases, but yet it ought to be possible.
The hypothesis that D'Artagnan may come with orders which will oblige us to defend ourselves.
Each may form his own hypothesis upon the present evidence, and yours is as likely to be correct as mine.
The theory that this connection is based on the transference of the collective will of a people to certain historical personages is an hypothesis unconfirmed by the experience of history.
At any rate it is only upon this hypothesis that I can account for his next act, which was in the nature of a last resort--a sort of forlorn hope, which could only have been born of the belief that if he did not kill me quickly I should kill him.
They knew that none of their own men had preceded them, and as all were convinced that the island was uninhabited, they were inclined to flee in terror on the hypothesis that the place was haunted--possibly by the ghosts of the murdered officers and men of the Cowrie.
And he knew that upon his decision of the fate of Virginia Maxon rested to some extent the true answer to that question, for, unconsciously, he had worked out his own crude soul hypothesis which imparted to this invisible entity the power to direct his actions only for good.
I had about deduced from certain astronomic phenomena I have had under minute observation during the past several tropic nights an entirely new nebular hypothesis which will unquestionably startle the scientific world.
It is very plausible to such people, a most convincing hypothesis.
According to the testimony of many reputable residents of the vicinity these were inconsistent with any other hypothesis than that the house was haunted.