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Synonyms for hypothesis

Synonyms for hypothesis

a belief used as the basis for action


Synonyms for hypothesis

a proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations

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a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

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These hypotheses clearly stated the perception of collaboration, nurse satisfaction, and patient satisfaction would increase (predicted direction) after rounding was implemented.
In this study chi-square was used to test statistical hypotheses and to rate the hypotheses Friedman test was used.
The first ratio on the right side of the equation is known as the prior odds--the relative probability of the two hypotheses based on evidence prior to acquiring the new data.
Furthermore, when Newton was writing the Opticks, he started out Part I as follows: "My design in this book is not to explain the properties of light by hypotheses, but to propose and prove them by reason and experiments" (5).
examples of informative hypotheses are listed below where [theta]
Theories are hypotheses that have survived the test of time but, like hypotheses, they can be revised or rejected with new evidence.
While some of the functional hypotheses were difficult, designing an effective treatment is the most difficult aspect of the simulation.
Yet as quality evidence begins to emerge, an investigator may create hypotheses regarding what could have occurred, who may have caused it, how it occurred, where it occurred, etc.
This paper has two goals: to remind researchers of issues regarding multiple hypotheses and to provide a few helpful guidelines.
Finally, evolution continues to produce useful and testable hypotheses.
PBL requires students to actively discuss and analyze problems, form hypotheses, and create personal learning issues.
Specific hypotheses relating asthma to climate change must be developed and rigorously tested.
In The Origins of Justice, O'Manique develops hypotheses about the origins of human rights and justice that challenge the writings of modern theorists such as Rawls and Nozick.
Mathematicians, Bailey and Borwein argue, should be free to work more like other scientists do, developing hypotheses through experimentation and then testing them in further experiments.