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According to the relevant literature,11 mild hypothermia treatment has a definite protective effect on patients with acute cerebral infarction, which is conducive to restoring and improving the neurological function of patients damaged in the acute phase of cerebral infarction.
Pathologist Dr Mark Lord said his examination discovered symptoms of hypothermia and histology tests proved this to be the cause of death.
Dogs, like humans, can experience hypothermia and frostbite, especially on earflaps and the tips of their tails.
After taking the temperature babies were classified according to WHO classification of hypothermia in normothermic, mild, moderate & severe hypothermia.
Inadvertent hypothermia results from anesthesia, temperature of the operating room, and the use of cold intravenous solutions and cold blood products (7, 10).
Hypothermia is a condition where the body temperature of an animal falls below a critical level and it's not able to perform metabolic functions that keep it alive.
Keywords: Ischaemic encephalopathy, Therapeutic hypothermia.
Immediate recognition of hypothermia is critical in PACU and accuracy of readings is vital.
According to a recent article in the Association of perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Journal, up to 70 percent of surgical patients experience inadvertent hypothermia. Potential complications resulting from perioperative hypothermia are well documented and can be life threatening, increase the cost of care, and dramatically impact patient satisfaction.
Mixed or central venous oxygen saturation (S[O.sub.2]) is decreased with heart failure and increased with hypothermia; though normal limits for mixed or central venous S[O.sub.2] require interpretation within a clinical context, levels below 70% and above 90% are concerns [1].
Secondly, we evaluated the impact of therapeutic hypothermia on cytokine expression profiles as therapeutic hypothermia (TH) has--on the one hand--been shown to beneficially influence mortality rates after cardiac arrest (CA) [5-12].
A man died from hypothermia in Jeju City on Tuesday as the temperature dropped to -13C.
The experimental models were given standard cooling therapy (therapeutic hypothermia) alone and in combination with a selective Src kinase inhibitor, PP2, that blocks a regulatory enzyme of apoptosis (cell death), which intensifies as a result of hypoxia-ischemia.
Introduction: Severe accidental hypothermia in trauma patients is rarely encountered in tropical areas.