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  • verb

Synonyms for hypothecate

to give or deposit as a pawn

Synonyms for hypothecate

pledge without delivery or title of possession

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For this, they hypothecate land or gold in exchange for the visa." Most importantly, the workers sacrifice time with loved ones to live as outcasts, he said.
This periodic call by the likes of the AA and RAC for more of the licence fee and other duties to be spent on road maintenance is laughable given that they know that no UK government of whatever political persuasion will hypothecate its tax take."
The General Directorate of Passport here, called on citizens wishing to travel abroad to comply with regulations and instructions, maintain and validate their travel documents and don"t neglect or hypothecate.
Even where such rights to take possession or hypothecate are conferred, care must be taken to ensure that legal norms are observed in the process.
We noted, however, that we would not use the traditional rational basis test where almost anything survives with any conceivable reason that you can hypothecate that the Legislature may have intended.
They may "hypothecate" their land, meaning they would pledge it as a security to a developer without transferring possession or title.
The pilots' plight was complicated by their inability to hypothecate their IRAs or pensions, their lack of W-2 income, and the creditor protection provided by ERISA and state law governing IRAs.