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absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow

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This patient was subsequently diagnosed with the female athlete triad due to her recent stress fracture and her hypothalamic amenorrhea.
3) Typically, athletes with hypothalamic amenorrhea don't experience withdrawal bleeding after progesterone challenge, because of inadequate endogenous estrogen stimulation.
The mean body mass index (BMI), percent ideal body weight, percent fat, total fat mass, and fat-free mass were all lower in the anorexia nervosa groups, compared with women who had hypothalamic amenorrhea and healthy controls.
2) In the Triad, Otis and colleagues (2) stated that disordered eating can result in secondary hypothalamic amenorrhea, which in turn is associated with osteoporosis.
One study compared melatonin levels of seven women with hypothalamic amenorrhea with controls and discovered that the duration of elevated nocturnal melatonin secretion in the women with hypothalamic amenorrhea was considerably higher than that of normal controls (Berga, Mortol, & Yen, 1988).
The 2003 Rotterdam criteria [Human Reproduction 2004; 19:41-7] were not used because the definition is less strict and could include adolescents with hypothalamic amenorrhea, she noted.
All of those with hypothalamic amenorrhea were 90%-110% of ideal body weight; had been amenorrheic for at least 3 months; had normal FSH, prolactin, testosterone, and free testosterone levels; an LH-to-FSH ratio of less than 2.
LISBON -- Recombinant human leptin appears to normalize many of the hormonal defects associated with hypothalamic amenorrhea, Dr.
The psychological intervention results not only in restoration of ovarian activity, it also addresses the subthreshold eating disorder symptoms and dysfunctional attitudes that are part and parcel of stress-induced anovulation, also known as functional hypothalamic amenorrhea, according to Ms.
In the absence of an identifiable lesion on MRI, the differential diagnosis includes stress, weight changes, or functional hypothalamic amenorrhea.
Clomiphene is ineffective for women with hypothalamic amenorrhea and by perprolactinemia.
The results of this landmark "proof of concept" study of eight women with hypothalamic amenorrhea and six controls suggest that leptin--a hormone secreted by adipocytes that regulates energy homeostasis--might represent a potential novel treatment for a range of neuroendocrine disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, infertility, and exercise-induced bone loss, said Dr.
DENVER -- A course of cognitive-behavioral therapy is highly effective for restoration of ovarian function in women with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea, Dr.