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Antonyms for hypotensive

a person who has abnormally low blood pressure

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having abnormally low blood pressure

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Conclusion: Abdominal binder was found to be very effective in controlling bleeding and hypotensive crisis due to significant PPH due to uterine atony, as an adjunct to uterine tamponade.
San Diego, California-based biopharmaceutical company La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (NASDAQ: LJPC) has received favorable scientific advice regarding the EU regulatory pathway for LJPC-501 (angiotensin II) for the treatment of hypotension in adults with distributive or vasodilatory shock who remain hypotensive despite fluid and vasopressor therapy from the European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use, the company said.
Farah Nasreen [7] et al (2009) studied the effects of dexmedetomidine for patients undergoing middle ear surgery with hypotensive anaesthesia and found that the quality of surgical field was greatly improved with use of dexmedetomidine.
Different hypotensive responses between the PHT and the NT subjects may be attributed to the differences in resting BP.
The need to recognize relative low BP differentially from symptomatic hypotensive episodes formalized working definitions of hypotension within the algorithm.
A deeper understanding of the prevention and management of cardiometabolic disease utilising herbal medicines for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antithrombotic, cholesterol lowering, hypoglycaemic, and hypotensive properties, in an integrative medicine method, plays a major role in optimising patient outcomes.
Moreover, the intraduodenal administration of ES-EG induces significant hypotensive and antihypertensive effects in 2K1C rats.
This brief review will summarize recent advances in our understanding of the epidemiology of combat trauma, the importance of shock and coagulopathy, the concept of damage control resuscitation, the limits of hypotensive resuscitation, the central role of blood products in hemostatic resuscitation, and the role of systemic hemostatic adjuncts.
A large hematoma was instantaneously seen to form in the right femoral area and the patient suddenly became hypotensive.
The ability to predict adverse hypotensive events, where a patient's arterial blood pressure drops to abnormally low (and dangerous) levels, would be of major benefit to the fields of primary and secondary health care, and especially to the traumatic brain injury domain.
A smart bed will ensure patient safety by sounding an alarm to indicate the patient is hypotensive, and then the bed will change positions to accommodate the deterioration of the blood pressure.
A blood sample was drawn from a 70-year-old hypotensive man.
A hypotensive event affects the quality and outcomes of dialysis care and a substantial proportion of nursing and medical resources are diverted to manage these episodes (Donauer et al.