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Synonyms for hypophysial

of or relating to the hypophysis


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9) In this study, an examination of the basal serum levels of the hypophysial, thyroidal, adrenal, and gonadal hormones in the patients with BD and the healthy control group showed no clinically significant differences.
In addition, rapid nongenomic effects involving diverse transduction pathways were observed upon exposure to BPA in pancreatic islet, endothelial, and hypophysial cells and in breast cancer cells (Alonso-Magdalena et al.
The diaphragma sellae, a reflection of the dura that constitutes the roof of the sella turcica, has a small central opening for the hypophysial stalk, the connection to the hypothalamus.
Hypophysial responses to continuous and intermittent delivery of hypothalamic gonadotropin releasing hormone.
In 2008, the programme was separated into two parts--a special programme for the treatment of seven costly diseases was created, called 7 Nozology (7N), which deals with the following severe pathologies: myeloleukemia; hemophilia; multiple sclerosis; Gaucher's disease; cystic fibrosis; hypophysial nanism; and transplantation-related conditions.
The superior hypophysial artery enters at the interface between the ventral hypothalamus and infundibulum and supplies the anterior pituitary gland.
Hemorrhage-induced secretion of corticotropin-releasing factor-like immunoreactivity into the hypophysial portal circulation and its inhibition by glucocorticoids.
Additionally, they are supplied primarily by the long hypophysial portal system, which is more vulnerable to trauma because it passes through the diaphragm of the pituitary [137].