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the semantic relation of being subordinate or belonging to a lower rank or class

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The criticism applies to HORN, 1981; ROOTH, 1992 and KISS, 1998) The identification of the set of relevant alternatives seems to result from an inferential process based on a contextually articulate structure of referents, which involves relations like hyponymy, metonymy and possibly others.
Arabic Relation rules: include 23 relations types between the synsets: hypernymy, hyponymy, antonym, cause, derived, derived related from, entails, member meronym, part meronym, subset meronym, attribute between adjective and noun, participle, pertainym, see also, similar, troponym, instance holonym, subset holonym, part holonym, instance hyponym, disharmonies, class member and verb group [30].
Hyponymy was not manifested in any particular way in the collocations.
Hyponymy and Collaterality in Brunei Malay Kinship Terminology.
The application of lexico-syntactic patterns to detect hyponymy relations (Hearst 1992).
In addition, many researches point to hyperonymy, hyponymy, meronymy, synonymy and antonymy as the most important relationships [9][10].
Haastrup and Henriksen (2000) argued that lexical competence has three dimensions: (a) partial-precise, which they define as referring to diverse levels of comprehension of the same lexical item; (b) receptive-productive, which as the name suggests, relates to whether one's knowledge of a given word is receptive or productive; and (c) depth of knowledge, which is a word's paradigmatic (antonymy, synonymy, hyponymy, etc.
Although there are parallels between ontologies and models of scientific knowledge extracted from LSA (Burek, Vargas Vera & Moreale, 2004; Cederberg & Widdows, 2003; Rung Ching, Ya-Ching & Ren-Hao, 2006), only the former has the capacity to extract the meanings of terms based on previously specified relationships such as synonymy, partonymy, hyponymy, hypernymy and meronymy.
She observes that "links between hyponymy and their super-ordinates are generally somewhat weak" (Aitchison, 1987, p.
Axioms automatically generated by the relationships of EWN: for example, synonymy, hyperonymy, hyponymy, etc.
Subdomains Move Step Cardiac Results Presenting (64%) General Disorder Methods Introduction (40%) Cardiac Disorder Results Observing (63%) Conclusion -64% Protocol of the Method Introduction Therapy -58% Therapy Method Description (50%) Results Presenting (50%) Subdomains Substitution Reference Cardiac Synonymy: subtechnical terms, General hyponymy Disorder Cardiac Disorder Meronymy Synonymy: acronyms Comparison definition Protocol of the Synonymy: eponym, subtechnical Comparison Therapy terms Therapy Synonymy abbreviation, Comparison subtechnical terms Subdomains Prominence Cardiac Repetition Passive voice General Forefronting Expentancy chains Disorder Cardiac Disorder Repetition Passive voice Forefronting Protocol of the Passive voice Therapy Therapy Table 6.
Coverage includes an overview of the essential structure of language and the relationship between language and culture; French and English word structure as they affect translation issues; lexical structure in French, particularly hyponymy and synonymy; translation problems caused by syntactic differences between French and English; translation types and procedures; and a range of miscellaneous issues, such as translating humor, metaphor, punctuation.
I am particularly concerned with the relationships of synonymy, antonymy, and hyponymy between the source and target domain uses of each group, because, as I will show, these indicate the degree of coherence with which source-domain relationships are metaphorically mapped onto the target domain.
At the beginning, we assumed that the hyponymy relation could simply be mapped onto the subsumption relation and that the synset notion could be mapped into the notion of concept.