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abnormally low level of sodium in the blood

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Rapid and severe hyponatremia causes entry of water into brain cells leading to brain swelling, which manifests as seizures, coma, respiratory arrest, brain stem herniation, and death," M.
Conclusion: Hyponatremia was found with increased frequency in patients with cirrhosis liver.
Mild (sodium 130-135 mEq/L) or moderate (sodium 125-129 mEq/L) hyponatremia usually is treated first with fluid restriction (Cuesta et al.
Key words: Hyponatremia, Olanzapine, Antipsychotics, India
TB can induce hyponatremia via several mechanisms like local invasion to the adrenal glands (adrenal insufficiency), [8,9] local invasion to hypothalamus or pituitary gland, [10,11] tubercular meningitis, [12-14] and inappropriate ADH secretion via pulmonary infection.
Clinical assessment of extracellular fluid volume in hyponatremia.
In cirrhotic patients with decompensated liver hyponatremia is a common finding.
The mortality was almost three times high in those who were in child class C, had a more than one precipitants, hyponatremia and in high grade HE at presentation.
3] and are frequently related to the classic context of rapidly corrected hyponatremia.
Despite the frequency of this condition, the etiologic diagnosis and the management of hyponatremia are neither easy nor optimal [2].
Impact of hospital-associated hyponatremia on selected outcomes.
In February 2012, he experienced recurrent urinary retention after onset of intestinal obstruction, irritability, hallucinations and delirium, lower limbs muscle pain, weakness, and hyponatremia.
Baby born two months premature has respiratory problems, a possible hemorrhage and severe hyponatremia, which is low-sodium concentration in the blood.
Six months ago, he was hospitalized for alcoholic hepatitis and severe hyponatremia.
The majority of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted against approval of an orally disintegrating sublingual tablet formulation of desmopressin as a treatment for nocturia, citing uncertainties about the clinical benefits in the pivotal trials and concerns about the risk of hyponatremia.