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of or relating to hypoglycemia

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Severe hypoglycemic episodes might be associated with a neurological consequence in a population that is already at greater risk for dementia.
Blood sugar, therefore, does not have to drop far to reach hypoglycemic levels.
A longitudinal correlational study was conducted to determine whether severe hypoglycemic episodes requiring hospitalization/emergency department (ED) visits had an effect on increased dementia risk in older patients with type II DM.
While there are many oral hypoglycemic pharmaceutical products available, this condition may also be treated with more natural alternatives.
Hypoglycemic and anti-diabetic effect of ethanolic extract of leaves of Annona squamosa L.
Sitagliptin, which is currently developed by US pharmaceutical firm Merck, is an oral DPP-4 inhibitor with a hypoglycemic mechanism different from the conventional agents.
3 during fasting or a hypoglycemic state in a nondiabetic patient should alert the physician to the possibility of insulinoma.
Surprising, however, was the fact that a 44% reduction in blood glucose during the hypoglycemic trial vs.
If an individual comes after an overnight fast and has borderline low (40-60 mg/dL) glucose values, they can be observed with frequent (every two-hour) measurements of plasma glucose, and often will become absolutely hypoglycemic during a six- to eight-hour period of observation.
Searcy, 31, was driving home that afternoon from class at College of the Canyons when she nodded off at the wheel from a hypoglycemic condition as she turned from McBean Parkway onto Orchard Village Road.
Lack of diabetic monitoring, resulting or likely to result in serious hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic reaction
In jail, hundreds of protesters were denied food or water for twenty-four hours, leading in at least one case to a severe hypoglycemic reaction.
100% of the 22 type 2 diabetic patients taking ProBeta along with conventional oral hypoglycemic medications showed positive effects.
Most Type I diabetics can reduce their risk of hypoglycemic attacks, adds James R.
Clinical Trials Meet Primary Endpoint of Non-Inferiority and Demonstrate Statistically Significant Reductions in Hypoglycemic Events and Weight Gain