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located or operating beneath the earth's surface

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Picoa lefebvrei and Tirmania nivea, two rare hypogeous fungi from Spain.
The effects of thinning and broadcast burning on sporocarp production of hypogeous fungi.
Hypogeous germination occurs when the epicotyl emerges and cotyledons remain below the soil surface.
At that time, hypogeous fungi were known to contain high levels of nitrogen, vitamins and minerals, and to be major dietary items for many rodents and other small mammals.
Permanent water sources help create a moist microclimate and often contain shallow soils that are conducive to the growth of hemlocks, spruce and fir and the hypogeous fungi associated with their root systems (Meyer and North, 2005; Meyer et al.
hypogeous seed germination--when the epicotyl emerges and the cotyledons remain below the soil surface.
1 kg) kangaroo-like marsupials, which feed extensively on the hypogeous fruiting bodies of ectomycorrhizal fungi (Christensen 1980; Seebeck et al.
Mushroom is a macrofungus with a distinctive fruiting body, which can either be epigeous or hypogeous and large enough to be seen with naked eye and to be picked by hand [3].
These species play important roles in dispersing seeds and hypogeous fungi, thereby influencing structure and composition of forests (Janzen, 1971; Maser et al.
coarse woody debris) and abundance of hypogeous mycorrhizal fungi (Smith, 2007).
Cromack K, Sollins P, Graustein WC, Speidel K, Todd AW, Psycher G, Li CY, Todd RL (1979) Calcium oxalate accumulation and soil weathering in mats of hypogeous fungus Hysterangium crassum.
During our study we observed northern flying squirrels consuming hypogeous fungus and Gabel et al.
Pine dominated habitat provides good foraging habitat because the two primary food sources consumed by northern flying squirrels are hypogeous fungus, which are associated with conifers (Weigl, 1978; Maser et al.