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located or operating beneath the earth's surface

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Therefore, gravid females in the wild may prefer hypogeal waters to avoid the energetic demands associated with lower salinities in epigeal waters.
The results presented in this work indicate that the seedling and/or tirodendro is cryptocotylar and hypogeal, has cataphylls, and presents eophylls and metaphylls simple with venation pinnate craspedodromous simple.
Samples of hypogeal mealybugs were collected on the roots of potted plants of Thimus vulgaris (Lamiaceae), in a greenhouse located at the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in the city of Cajica, in the department of Cundiriamarca.
Monocots (1 cotyledon) Dicots (2 cotyledons) Usually herbaceous Herbaceous or woody Linear leaves with parallel veins Leaves with netted venation Vascular bundles scattered in stem Vascular bundles in a ring Fibrous root system Taproot system Hypogeal germination Usually epigeal germination
2% of the epigeal plant biomass (almost 25 kg/ha for a biomass of 2,000 kg dry weight/ha) and of the hypogeal biomass.
While most populations of Clusters 5 to 10 had hypogeal germination and a tuberous root system, three populations (PPEAM104, PPECA107, and PPECU111) had epigeal germination and fibrous roots.
ABSTRACT: In this article we will describe and analyze three marble sarcophagi that were recently unearthed from a hypogeal tomb; rescue excavations were conducted by the Direction-General of Antiquities (Damascus; Tartus) at al-Bayada necropolis, belonging to the ancient city of Amrit, Syria.
Effects of spent motor oil on soil physiochemical properties and growth of Arachis hypogeal L.
Seeds of study species showed hypogeal germination, the same one found in other species of Smilacaceae (Tillich 2007), and cryptocotylar, with the formation of hyaline cataphylls, as described by Duke (1965).
The Indian crested porcupine is a generalist forager and exploits a wide variety of cultivated and wild plants, consuming both hypogeal and epigeal plant tissues (Gutterman, 1982; Alkon and Saltz,; Brooks et al.
Seeds with epigeal emergence, such as soybeans, where the cotyledons emerge aboveground, are more subject to crusting of the soil surface than seeds of plants such as grasses that have hypogeal emergence.
In hypogeal germination, a small bulb is formed first, and then this new, miniature bulb sends out the first leaf.
With the exception of Fagus, the nuts considered here have hypogeal germination (i.
Seedlings were verified by the presence of hypogeal cotyledons and were moved from this field to a space-planted nursery.