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impairment of tactile sensitivity

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Dysesthesia, hypoesthesia, and allodynia may also occur within the affected dermatome.
There was hypoesthesia along the distribution of the first and second divisions of the right trigeminal nerve.
Bursitis pain is varied: earache, otic fullness, dys- phagia, odynophagia, gustative hyperesthesia, hamular and soft palate pain, sore throat, jaw pain, toothache, burning and pricking dysaesthesias, retroorbital pain, headaches and hypoesthesia.
The neurologic examination revealed: flaccid paraparesis (symmetrical distal motor deficit of the lower limbs with MRC=4/5 bilaterally; muscle hypotonia with unsteady gait, possible with support and loss of reflexes; ataxia of the lower limbs; bilaterally Babinski sign); hypoesthesia with the level of sensitivity at D6; loss of vibratory sensitivity and proprioception; the abolition of the middle and inferior abdominal reflex.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common neuropathy that occurs as a result of median nerve compression in carpal tunnel and that may cause hand pain, paresthesia and hypoesthesia [2].
Lower limb neurologic examination also revealed a diminished Achilles tendon reflex on the right (graded as + 1), as well as mild hypoesthesia along the patient's outer right foot (i.
8,9) In these cases, the aforementioned are likely to cause injuries to the nerves of the ramus and cause hypoesthesia.
The neurological examination highlighted a hypoesthesia of the right penile shaft.
Common signs and symptoms include diplopia, enophthalmos, infraortbital hypoesthesia, and decreased extraocular movements.
She applied to the neurology service and it was found that she had normal muscle strength but mild ataxia, positive Romberg test, and prominent hypoesthesia in the distal regions of the extremities and bilateral impairment of the deep tendon reflexes and indifferent plantar responses.
Adverse reactions reported in clinical studies with FEIBA were anamnestic response, somnolence, dizziness, dysgeusia, dyspnea, hypoesthesia, nausea, chills, pyrexia, chest pain and chest discomfort.
Clinical manifestations are given by disorder in deep sensitivity at lower limb level with hypoesthesia, paresthesias, decreased proprioception, and instability in walking with broad support base due to sensory ataxia, which appear symmetrically (7).
If the patient ignores the pain as the neuropathy progresses, hypoesthesia will eventually develop.
Skin sensitivity--5 points--sensitive = 0, low hypoesthesia, mild hypoesthesia, severe hypoesthesia, insensitive, several skin areas affected.
16) The injury of supraorbital vessels and nerve may lead to complications such as: hematoma formation in the subgaleal plane; anesthesia or hypoesthesia of the forehead; and ischemia or necrosis of parts of the forehead flap and hair loss.