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the upper region of the abdomen just below the lowest ribs on either side of the epigastrium

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Conclusion: The most common mode of clinical presentation of choledochal cyst was pain right hypochondrium with raised serum bilirubin and ALT levels.
A 40 years old female reported to surgical department with a history of pain left hypochondrium for the last four months.
Large well circumscribed cyst arising from left hypochondrium
A massive cutaneous metastasis with no direct relations with the intra-abdominal tumour was found in the subcutaneous tissue of the right hypochondrium (Figures 3 and 4).
A wide spectrum of symptoms have been described in patients with GT, including abdominal pain in right hypochondrium, weight loss, fever, anorexia, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and a palpable abdominal mass.
On abdominal examination, a lump was palpable, starting from epigastrium to just above the umbilicus and extending into the left hypochondrium and left lumbar region.
Abdominal examination revealed hepatomegaly with liver span of 23cm, smooth contour, regular margins, no thrill or bruit; and splenomegaly, 4 finger breadth below left hypochondrium, with no thrill or bruit.
On examination, tenderness in the right hypochondrium was noted.
He had 2 wounds: one at the right hypochondrium and the other at the right thigh.
The common complaint was flatulance (64 cases), dyspepsia (63 cases), epigastric pain in 45 and pain in the right hypochondrium in 44 patients.
1] The present case is a 45 day old female child who presented with abdominal distension and solitary mass in left hypochondrium.
Ultrasound abdomen revealed a cystic mass in the right hypochondrium below the surface of the liver, suggestive of Choledhocal cyst.
Fever was of high grade and associated with chills and rigor, pain abdomen initially started in left hypochondrium and gradually felt over all the quadrants of abdomen.
2] We are reporting a case of a 30 year female patient with abdominal lump over epigastrium and left hypochondrium diagnosed on laparotomy as uniloculated omental cyst originating from lesser omentum.
Ultrasound of the abdomen indicated the absence of a normal spleen in the left hypochondrium (Fig.