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a person who induces hypnosis

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Police brought the case to a hypnotist at the National Forensic Service.
Jim Kellner is a Corporate Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Author, & Comedy Stage Hypnotist.
When you accept the suggestion react automatically without question or hesitation, so for example when you are told that you cannot remember your name on the count of three when asked by the hypnotist "what is your name.
Mark, born with spina bifida hydrocephalus, had a one-hour session with hypnotist Jason O'Callaghan at Ratoath, Co Meath - and straight away tucked into beef and potatoes.
Clever narration (alternating between the first person narrative of hypnotist Jack Morrow, Pip's third person viewpoint and the lyrical and enigmatic voice of Hannah) allows the reader to see racial tensions from both the point of view of the oppressed and via the shock and horror of an outsider.
Hypnotist McKenna previously used Ricemedia to design a self-help app.
HBO-produced series The Hypnotist (O Hipnotizador) tells the story of Arenas, a hypnotist who puts people into a trance and gets them to reveal their innermost secrets.
She goes to a hypnotist show at the start of the story, and after this her life drastically changes as she battles for womens rights while also battling the emotions inside her.
TO ENTER Correctly answer this question for your chance to win: Which of the following comedians is known for playing a hypnotist character on the TV show Little Britain?
Many students of hypnosis are aware that Dave Elman was inspired to spend his life researching hypnosis because, as his father (Jacob "Jake" Kopelman) was dying from cancer, an unidentified hypnotist provided enough pain relief for Jake to live his final time normally.
Melbourne, August 15 ( ANI ): Demi Moore is said to be so devastated after her split from Ashton Kutcher, that she has enlisted the help of a hypnotist to help her get over him.
Nordic thrillers are notably graphic in their depictions of violence, and The Hypnotist is no exception.
THREE people were left in a trance on stage when a hypnotist knocked himself out during a show.
A HYPNOTIST knocked himself out on stage, leaving three people in a trance - and the audience CLAPPED, thinking it was part of the act.
A hypnotist (played by artist Jutta Koether) tries to help a fretful Wall Street type (veteran indie-rock star Jon Spencer) bring nebulous memories of a lost love into focus; meanwhile, Claire (Claire Buckingham), a mystery girl, attracts the attention of an odd-looking record-store clerk named Chris (Chris James).