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Synonyms for hypnotised

having your attention fixated as though by a spell

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Someone who wants to be hypnotised, open minded and with at least an average intelligence and on stage a good sense of humour.
I guess the ability to be hypnotised differs from one person to another.
I would observe hardened old Nazi party leaders freeze as he paused to talk to one or the other of them, hypnotised by his penetrating glare," Shirer stated.
While I was hypnotised there was a tape with the sounds of a hospital played and when the surgery was being carried out I could hear clanging instruments and feel the procedure happening step by step.
She said: "Basically, the corporate world can allow you to be hypnotised and believe that you are not worth that job.
London, Dec 23 (ANI): A boss in Britain, who refuses to buy heaters to keep his freezing workers warm, has instead had them hypnotised into thinking that they are warm.
SLIMMERS are being hypnotised into believing they have had gastric bands fitted.
A GROUP of people with a phobia of flying have safely landed in Cardiff after being hypnotised.
Scientists in Israel made the discovery after 89 women were hypnotised while embryos were being transplanted.
A NUNEATON club will tonight host a world-record attempt - for the most people hypnotised at the same time in under a minute.
SNOOKER ace Stephen Lee trailed 7-1 in the most crucial match of his career when he stormed out of The Crucible and asked to be hypnotised to put things right.
I found the experience to be interesting and I was not distressed while hypnotised or when told my willy had gone," wrote the American, named Benji, in a letter addressed to "Dear British people".
PHILLIP Schofield said his wife wants him hypnotised to rid him of his obsessive tidying-up in the home.
Hosted by Phillip Schoeld, Back in the Room sees a team of ve strangers take on apparently simple challenges to win money - with the important catch that each of the contestants have been hypnotised.
I truly believe that everyone can be hypnotised, and people shouldn't be afraid of it.