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But as far as I am concerned, Paul can hypnotise me into having another orgasm any time that he wants.
STUNT: Derren hypnotises a man in a London photo booth then spirits him off to Marrakesh, using a wheelchair to get him through the airport to the plane; BITING THE BULLET: Star plays Russian Roulette
Rodge asked Miriam: "How often do you use your fantastic boobs to hypnotise a politician, just before asking him a vital question?
She finds a book that teaches her to hypnotise animals and people and escapes to Manhattan with a friend and a dog thanks to the money she won through hypnotising in a competition.
Dr Bromwich learnt how to hypnotise people at a course run by the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis.
The former Newcastle star, who was invited to perform on the track after meeting fellow rappers Pep-C and Iron Tongue in a Portsmouth nightclub, aims to hypnotise Sir Alex Ferguson's side.
Branson told Monsieur Pierson: "If I can hypnotise you and move your watch, you pay the pounds 2million"
But a second test, using hypnosis, went wrong when a top practitioner failed to hypnotise him.