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Synonyms for suggestion

Synonyms for suggestion

something that is put forward for consideration

something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing

a subtle pointing out

Synonyms for suggestion

a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection

a just detectable amount

persuasion formulated as a suggestion


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the sequential mental process in which one thought leads to another by association

the act of inducing hypnosis

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In 4 studies, Ss received hypnotic suggestions to regress beyond birth to a previous life.
The prefrontal cortex is suggested to be involved in the involuntariness in response to hypnotic suggestion [47].
Advanced Course of Instruction in Personal Magnetism and Hypnotic Suggestion by Seven Authors.
The motif of hypnotic suggestion increases the likelihood of its importance to plot.
In 2005, scientists at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City used functional MRI to show how hypnotic suggestions can override "automatic" processes in the brain.
Savage was no friend to either those afflicted with hysteria--whom he faulted with "the tendency to laziness, want of will, and getting into bad habits"--or to their physicians who treated the disorder with hypnotic suggestion (91).
This involves sophisticated brainwashing techniques, which leave new recruits unable to name two adjacent streets anywhere in the capital, while repeated hypnotic suggestion ensures that a request for "Tower Bridge" will cause them to glaze over and reply "is that near Glasgow way, Guv?" As for driving, they're instructed so waywardly in the Highway Code that the organisation should adopt the cod Latin motto: In terror parks our minibus.
However, the good news may be that low involvement processing, like hypnotic suggestion (which it seems in this account to closely resemble), links to the pathways that are already there rather than destroying them.
He has experienced great success in the treatment of warts and verrucae, through concentrating his efforts on the body's natural healing abilities, and using hypnotic suggestion to intensify these processes.
In a short magazine autobiography in the March 28, 1914, Saturday Evening Post, Robertson declared himself "a close student of psychology and mental phenomena." He claimed to have been helped in his own mental difficulties by a professor's use of hypnotic suggestion and tells a personal anecdote about how this phenomenon worked over "a great distance."
The show's strenuously "with-it" story turns on ESP and reincarnation, which provides for a musical-within-a-musical that takes our heroine on a dizzy trip from '60s New York back to 18th century England, courtesy of hypnotic suggestion from her psychiatrist.
With works such as Hypnotic Suggestion "505", a photographic series and film projection depicting the artists under the spell of hypnotists, the seancing of the Other is explicitly bound to the medium of film.
For example, the subject is given a hypnotic suggestion that his hand is growing warm.
Additional chapters of interest include urine drug screening, "twelve-step" benefits and hypnotic suggestion.
We do not know how to say "no," and we are attracted, unconsciously, like a hypnotic suggestion, by the predominant si of the word on thought, of the form on essence--artists and weak and kindly, as we have been made by the beauty and generosity of our land.