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Synonyms for hyphen

a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text


divide or connect with a hyphen


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20-22 [7]: M (no CFJKQT) > 22 with proper nouns and hyphens (McCarthyism; M-Q developer)
The proposals involved adding hyphens to 11 villages in Ceredigion, including Brynteg (Bryn-teg) and Drefach (Dre-fach).
Racing fans fall into two categories - those who bet and those with a hyphen in their name.
It's a day meant for discovering hyphens, for telling the stories of all the saints.
There is a glitch, however, which from time to time leads to these hyphens not disappearing as they should.
Exceptional Parent realizes that it's not as easy as simply eliminating hyphens or dashes or any other mark that encourages the slapping on of the disabled moniker.
I personally go a little crazy around hyphens and was glad to read in this book that it still is forbidden to use a hyphen after an adverb that ends with "ly": e.
The first time I walked into the waiting room of the radiation wing at the hospital and saw all those incredibly brave and sick people waiting for treatment, I found myself trying to throw up a wall of hyphens to prevent their identity from having too much to do with mine.
I had an idiotic hatred of hyphens in those days', wrote Tennyson in a note to 'Oenone', explaining his youthful preference for such unhyphenated forms as 'glenriver' and 'tendriltwine'.
Anoraks please note: Foig a Ballagh (1844 St Leger) had no hyphens when he won his Classic; they materialised only when he went to stud as Faugh- a-Ballagh.
A surprising number of newsletters and other organizational publications are still showing hyphens as dashes.
Use hyphens as a last resort as people may forget to type in the hyphen and not reach your site.
What Muse worked out was a one-story addition that's divided into two distinct parts connected by hyphens.