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any of the threadlike filaments forming the mycelium of a fungus

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Growth in filamentous fungi proceeds via the continuously extending tip of a hypha which sends off periodic branches which are capable of extension and branching.
An arthrospore is a spore formed by fragmentation of the tip of the hyphae, whereas a blastospore is produced as an outgrowth along a septate hypha.
Each cone was penetrated by an axially positioned, unbranched fungal hypha (Fig.
Keywords: Neurospora crassa, morphology, branching, hypha
Each hypha grows from the tip much like a plant's roots, releasing enzymes and absorbing moisture and nutrients.
This process occurs over and over again in the growing tip of the fungus's microscopic, rootlike structure, called a hypha.
Microscopic inspection of the slide cultures between Trichoderma asperellum isolates T13 and Rhizoctonia solani isolate SMN1-5, it was clearly that Trichoderma isolates established the close-contact with pathogen by using coiling hypha around mycelia of R.
Hypha transport of 15N-labled Nitrogen by AM fungi and its effect on deleption of inorganic soil N.
Mature sclerotia were tan to light brown and scattered randomly over the agar surface and hypha 7.