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impairment of tactile sensitivity

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The Megace ES package insert notes the following potential adverse effects: diarrhea, cardiomyopathy, palpitation, hepatomegaly, leukopenia, edema, paresthesia, confusion, convulsion, depression, neuropathy, hypesthesia and abnormal thinking, thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, and glucose intolerance.
Within 2 weeks, however, he progressed to bilateral facial weakness and hypesthesia.
Itch presents with hypesthesia, a known neurologic disease or a previous injury (such as back injury).
Paraesthesia, hypesthesia, and painful neuromas may result due to excessive retraction, partial or complete transection of nerve (Fritz De Quervain, 1895).
Masseter weakness, hypesthesia, and dysesthesia also may be experienced in the face after surgery.
Early versions of the procedure caused two superficial pad burns and one case of transient mild hypesthesia of an extremity, but changes in positioning and redesign of the dispersal pad seemed to eliminate those problems.
A week later, the patient complained of hypesthesia in the left lower limb and decreased muscle strength.
This creates an area of hypesthesia and allodynia that can be measured using a brush and a piece of foam while the patient looks in another direction.