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an abnormal condition resulting from taking vitamins excessively

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at 192 ("An intake of vitamin A greatly in excess of requirement results in a toxic syndrome known as hypervitaminosis A or chronic vitamin A poisoning.
Never has there been concern about vitamin D toxicity, also known as hypervitaminosis D.
6 Hypervitaminosis D is associated with increased absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which can lead to hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, vascular calcification, renal, and even renal failure.
Intake of excess vitamin and calcium supplements can cause hypervitaminosis and hypercalcinosis -- both which cause skin and hair problems.
Patients should not take vitamin A supplements or other retinoids while being treated with alitretinoin, to avoid the risk of hypervitaminosis A.
The risks of exposure to environmental toxins and hypervitaminosis with fish consumption are substantially reduced through purification processes used to develop selected concentrated fish oil supplements and prescription preparations.
Metastatic calcification may occur in patients with chronic renal failure, primary hyperparathyroidism, extensive bone malignancy, hypervitaminosis D, diffuse myelomatosis, and milk-alkali syndrome.
There is no danger of hypervitaminosis following extensive exposure to sun.
He is suffering from hypervitaminosis D, a potentially life-threatening condition that results in excessive calcium in the blood.
These reports and the lack of any reports of hypervitaminosis D suggest that the distributions of serum vitamin D in Australia and New Zealand are displaced from the ideal, exposing both populations to mild vitamin D deficiency and vulnerable groups to moderate deficiency
Vitamin toxicity--also known as hypervitaminosis or vitamin poisoning--is a condition in which a person develops symptoms as side effects from taking massive doses of vitamins.
The association of hypervitaminosis D is documented in many granulomatous diseases.