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Synonyms for hypersensitized

having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)

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In both the atopic dog and the neonatal swine models for food allergy, substantial evidence and data for clinical and immunologic findings in hypersensitized animals support continued research.
This increased receptor density intensifies the craving and makes withdrawal more difficult because those now-unoccupied receptors are hypersensitized," explained Dr.
It's as if they'd become hypersensitized, making overkill amounts of insulin every time," she says.
4] Proposed origins of the ovarian stroma include (1) endodermally derived epithelium and primitive mesenchyme that become hypersensitized to circulating female sex hormones and (2) ectopic ovarian stroma.
Despite this, we cannot rule out the possibility that some antibodies from hypersensitized patients could create an interference via CEM-reacting anti-HLA antibodies.