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Synonyms for hypersensitized

having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)

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It's as if they'd become hypersensitized, making overkill amounts of insulin every time," she says.
4] Proposed origins of the ovarian stroma include (1) endodermally derived epithelium and primitive mesenchyme that become hypersensitized to circulating female sex hormones and (2) ectopic ovarian stroma.
Despite this, we cannot rule out the possibility that some antibodies from hypersensitized patients could create an interference via CEM-reacting anti-HLA antibodies.
They argued that those who claimed to be negatively affected by grass smoke were already hypersensitized and that the true impacts of burning thus could not be clearly defined.
In ethnically hypersensitized San Francisco, where the new mayor is an Irish-American ex-police chief and the president of the Board of Supervisors hails from a large, entrenched Italian-American political community, the Pope and the Witch is nothing if not a red flag.
These films, however, perform at their best only when gas hypersensitized, which requires significant effort in preparation, storage, and transportation.
I quickly discovered that this setup recorded even more detail than I captured with my Schmidt camera and hypersensitized Tech Pan film.
When gas hypersensitized and developed in a high-contrast developer, this black-and-white emulsion is simply unsurpassed.
Two 45-minute exposures on gas hypersensitized Kodak Pro 400 PPF color-negative film combined with Picture Window and further enhanced with Adobe Photoshop.
While this has its advantages, the photographs in the book taken with hypersensitized film demonstrate its benefits.