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having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)

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With this approach, the scientists identified a genomic location involved in the pathway controlling the start or local spread of hypersensitive response.
They also appeared to have altered and hypersensitive immune systems.
Following an overview of the basic functioning of the immune system and in the healthy and hypersensitive gut, they present an A-Z description of GI diseases from allergic proctocolitis to Yersinia entercolitis and their major immunologic features and assumed immunogenesis.
Those who become addicted to drugs may already be hypersensitive to stress.
People with autistic spectrum disorder, or Asperger's syndrome, are known to be hypersensitive to stimuli and disruptions in their sensory processing, which can lead to an unequal reaction to certain types of pain.
On average, the same response was observed in lymphocytes from hypersensitive and healthy subjects.
For some reason Esteban is hypersensitive to drugs, which makes him the perfect candidate to test Product X, the lab's miracle drug.
None of these ingredients are good for anyone, but especially not hypersensitive babies and children.
My daughter has found it extremely difficult to take my autistic grandson Jonathon to public sessions at leisure centres because of the noise levels, (he's hypersensitive to noise).
This conviction that his writing was somehow inspired made Kerouac reluctant to revise and also hypersensitive to criticism.
It's also normal for girls to gain weight during this period, making them hypersensitive to even the most benign comments.
They tested the protein on rats with spinal-nerve damage that makes the animals hypersensitive to touch and heat.
To his credit, he concedes that "the overall flavor of the elite media reporting favors gun control, campaign finance reform, gay rights, and the environmental movement," though he doesn't find the bias "as overwhelming as some conservative critics do" Alterman also comes close to admitting that the media are hypersensitive about race, and points Out that more often than not they choose not to cover racial issues at all, leaving (according to one survey) somewhere between 40 to 60 percent of all whites in America with the misapprehension that the average black American fares as well as the average white American in employment, income, education, and access to health care.
Rachelle had a passion for her son that is right out of Tennessee Williams's play, Suddenly, Last Summer, with its Venus flytrap mother and hypersensitive son.
These plants can be screened for either disease resistance or ability to respond with a hypersensitive response to pathogen-elicitor subjection.