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Hence, detection of hypersegmented neutrophil in alcoholic patients would aid in appropriate nutritional supplementation to prevent macrocytic anaemia in such patients.
The hypersegmented neutrophils indicated that the neutrophils on the peripheral blood film showed six to eight segments per neutrophil rather than the typical 3-5 as most mature neutrophils would have.
Patients with Peripheral smear showing predominant macrocytes, hypersegmented neutrophils, and clinical features suspected of megaloblastic anemia; like knuckle pigmentation, early graying of hair, dyspepsia, bald tongue along with anemia, proven B12 deficiency biochemically and bone marrow proven megaloblastic anemia were included in the study.
Peripheral blood smear showed normocytic hypochromic red blood cells with hypersegmented neutrophils, severe thrombocytopenia.
Total WBC count was found subnormal in about 60% of the patients, thrombocytopenia (26%), and hypersegmented neutrophils (14%).
Once the patients were selected, various hematological parameters including peripheral smear analysis for megaloblasts, macrocytes, hypersegmented neutrophils and RBC indices were carried out.
2] Hypersegmented neutrophils were seen in 40% cases and peripheral blood smear showed dimorphic anaemia in 20% cases.