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* Rebound acid hypersecretion occurs on discontinuation, so the drug is restarted.
Dust and cement particles which are inhaled are lodged in the lung and causes lung irritation, mucus hypersecretion initially followed by lung function impairment, lung inflammation, chronic obstructive lung disease, restrictive lung disease, pneumoconiosis and so on.
Oral vitamin D supplementation reduced the hypersecretion of parathyroid hormone and insulin resistance in obese Chinese males [23].
Properly hydrated mucus is a critical component of airway homeostasis; failure to maintain adequate mucus hydration, mucus hypersecretion, and altered mucus properties lead to impairment of mucociliary clearance and are prominent features of chronic airway diseases such as CF and COPD, contributing to airway obstruction in these diseases.
When hypersecretion of PTH is corrected, spontaneous regression of the lesion is expected.
The diagnosis of pheochromocytoma is made based upon biochemical confirmation of catecholamine hypersecretion with 24h urine collection of metanephrines or plasma-free metanephrines followed by imaging studies such as CT Scan or MRI of the adrenals and possibly functional imaging with nuclear medicine modalities.
In over 80% of patients, a single benign parathyroid proliferation (parathyroid adenoma) causes autonomous hypersecretion of parathyroid hormone (PTH).
'Hypersecretion can be treated either with oral medicines, radio-active iodine or surgery.
Hypersecretion can be treated either with oral medicines, radioactive iodine or surgery, said Dr Ahsan.
The physical examination revealed hypersecretion and motor function loss in the lower extremities.
Such findings confirm previous reports that hypersecretion of LH is associated with early pregnancy loss (29,30).
Progressively increased patterns of subclinical cortisol hypersecretion in adrenal incidentalomas differently predict major metabolic and cardiovascular outcomes: a large cross-sectional study.
Production of androgen from ovarian theca cells increases due to LH hypersecretion and contributes to the hyperandrogenemia.
Moreover, experimental studies have revealed that the lack of periostin induces a goblet cell hyperpIasia in respiratory epithelium [34] and, consequently, a mucus hypersecretion. Thus, periostin may contribute to the enhancement of the mucus secretion in respiratory epithelium (Figure 1).